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Steven Hewlett Thatchers Limited are your local experts in roof thatching.

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Member of the National Society of Master Thatchers

Three Generations of Master Thatchers 

Steven Hewlett and his family are something of a rarity in modern Britain. Steven and his brothers represent the third generation of their family to work as master thatchers, carrying on a business that was started by his grandfather back in 1925, at the tender age of 16.

Of course the craft of thatching is far older than the Hewletts. There is evidence that roofs were being thatched as far back as the Bronze Age in the British Isles, and thatched cottages and farm houses were once the norm in the countryside. Even back in the good old days they recognised the durability and insulating properties of thatch.

Affordable re-thatching

You can rely on us for:

  • Full re-thatching
  • New build projects
  • New ridges
  • Thatching repairs
  • Roof extensions
From maintenance to repairs, we offer a complete service to cater to all your thatched roofing needs.

Although thatch became unpopular for a time when improved transportation allowed for cheap slate to become available from Wales for roofing, by the 1920s when Steven’s grandfather took up thatching for a living, it was all the rage. Picturesque thatched country cottages with roses round the door were – and still are – prized as quintessentially English.

Steven prizes them too. He’s been thatching for nearly 40 years, and has lived in a village in Wiltshire all his life, so he knows his business inside and out. When it came time to follow the family thatching tradition Steven did not hesitate. As he says, who can beat working outdoors in the countryside, taking in the view from the rooftops as he weaves his personal pattern into the ridgeline.

Steven is also very much a “people person” and enjoys interacting with his clients, most of whom would never consider hiring any other thatching firm to look after their pretty and practical thatched roofs.

The traditional methods, materials and tools for thatching have changed little for centuries, and Steven believes that thatch will remain popular – even increasing in popularity because of it’s sustainable and eco-friendly properties – for the foreseeable future. Modern technology has improved the availability of materials, which can be sourced online, and digital devices make it far easier to run a small craft-based business.

Besides being a master of his craft – as testified by the fact that his skill is certified by the elite National Society of Master Thatchers – Steven and his family like to run their business according to some high principles. This has cemented their reputation across the counties of Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire for being reliable, tidy and unobtrusive workers, who get the job done with the minimum of fuss and bother. “Our creed is to give excellent service with a high quality of workmanship, while being professional, friendly and courteous,” says Steven.

If you need a skilled hand to keep your thatch up to scratch, give Steven a call and you’ll be privileged to witness a master at work.


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Steven Hewlett Thatchers Limited offer quality thatched roof maintenance and repairs across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Dorset. Contact our experienced roof thatchers in Salisbury today.

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