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Steven Hewlett and his brothers are the third generation of their family to work as master thatchers.

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Member of the National Society of Master Thatchers

Traditional roof thatching services in Wiltshire

There are thatched roofs all over the county of Wiltshire – just try an internet search for thatched properties for sale at any given time and you’ll find dozens sprinkled through the towns and villages – from pretty Pewsey to Marlborough, the city of Salisbury to Chippenham, Upton Avon, Avebury and Kilmington. In fact, you could say that Wiltshire thatched roofs are a county tradition that is still very much alive.

It’s not only private homes that still sport thatched roofs in Wiltshire – there are quaint old thatched pubs, country stores and even post offices tucked away in hamlets and picturesque rural corners of the county.

Once upon a time there were a large number of thatchers working in Wiltshire looking after all those reed and straw roofs – including a large contingent of women, who assisted the Wiltshire thatchers by yealming (preparing the thatch bundles) and filling up yokes with thatch to be hauled up aloft where the thatchers were at work.

In modern days, however, the craft of an experienced, qualified Master Thatcher has become a more rare thing. Among the best known Master Thatchers in Wiltshire are Steven Hewlett and his brothers, who represent the third generation of their family to work as thatchers in the county. It all began with Steven’s grandfather back in 1925.

We are proud to service across Wiltshire, including but not limited to Swindon SN, Salisbury SP, Trowbridge BA, Chippenham SN, Melksham SN, Devizes SN, Warminster BA, Calne SN, Westbury BA postcodes and surrounding areas.

Wiltshire Thatch – Durable and Charming

Steven has been thatching in Wiltshire for 40 years – one of the 350 or so verified members of the National Society of Master Thatchers operating in the UK – which guarantees that he knows everything there is to know about traditional Wiltshire thatched roofs and the art of keeping them in good repair. He is also a member of the local Wiltshire Master Thatchers Association.

With people becoming more environmentally conscious, and therefore keen to use sustainable roofing materials that also provide good insulation, properties with thatched roofs are becoming more in demand, so Steven and his team of thatchers are kept busy in Wiltshire keeping the local thatched roofs – most commonly thatched with combed wheat in this area – in good condition.

Thatch can last for up to 50 years if properly maintained – and that maintenance doesn’t have to be an expensive one-off thatched roof repair or re-roof. Steven prefers to make regular visits, undertake roof cleans and inspections, fixing the little problems before they become major issues.

He’s also the local Wiltshire expert to consult for protecting thatched roofs with wire netting to keep out destructive vermin and other pests, and the firm are highly experienced at installing thatch roof fire protection in Wiltshire for safety’s sake and insurance purposes.

If you’re contemplating a new build or extension with a thatched roof in Wiltshire then Steven and his team would be delighted to take on the job, and while they’re up on the roof they have the skills available to undertake professional chimney repairs, leadwork, pointing and chimney lining too.

Dorset thatch has a style of its own, distinct from that of other counties. It typically has a flush ridge and very little ornamentation. Travel through the county’s picturesque historic towns like Shaftesbury, Sherborne, Dorchester and Wareham and you’ll see many examples.

When Steve Hewlett works on a Dorset thatch he makes sure he sticks to the local traditional style. In the old days straw was usually used for thatching, but nowadays combed wheat or water reed is used instead, which utilise different thatching techniques. The long-straw thatch look, however, can still be achieved, especially with combed wheat, in the hands of a skilled thatcher such as Steve Hewlett.

We provide thatching services and thatched roof repairs across the South West of England including thatching in Dorsetthatching in Hampshirethatching in the New Forestthatching in Somerset & thatching in Wiltshire.

If you are fortunate enough to own a thatched building in Wiltshire and surrounding Swindon SN, Salisbury SP, Trowbridge BA, Chippenham SN, Melksham SN, Devizes SN, Warminster BA, Calne SN, Westbury BA postcode areas or are planning a new build with a thatched roof, contact Steven Hewlett and he’ll keep you covered with care and consideration.

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