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Traditional roof thatching services across the South West

Master thatchers are highly trained craftspeople who spend their whole careers honing their skills, traditionally a profession that has been passed down through generations. With urbanisation and expansion of cities and towns, high-quality thatching businesses have decreased over the years. Steven Hewlett Thatchers Ltd, master thatchers are based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. However, we serve a wide range of locations across the south & south west of England including Hampshire, Berkshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, New Forrest and Somerset. Get in touch with us today to discuss your thatched roof. Call us on 01980 611 880 or use our Contact page to drop us a message.

Thatch Roof Repair

There is a reason that thatched roofs and the demand for them have lasted throughout the centuries, they offer excellent insulation, waterproofing, sustainable, and they look beautiful. As time progresses and building regulations change, Thatched roofs have become safer and more robust. There are many reasons your thatch roof may need repairs and upkeep such as weather, wildlife, and age. It is recommended that your thatched roof is inspected annually for any warning signs of wear, tear, divots or damage, with elements such as the ridge needing to be replaced every 10-15 years. At Steven Hewlett Master Thatchers, we can give you expert advice and guidance for your individual thatched roof and its condition. We use only the best materials for all of our work, including long straw, combed wheat straw, water reed and Norfolk reed. 



New Forest



New Build Thatch Roofs

In the modern world, it may seem that there is little demand or need for a thatched roof for new build properties. However, the many benefits of thatched roofs have meant thatched roofs have stood the test of time. Thatched roofs offer an attractive sustainable roofing option that is naturally insulating and waterproof. At Steven Hewlett Thatchers Ltd, we have many years of experience in replacing whole thatched roofs on property projects such as renovations and refurbishments. If you’re renovating, restoring or planning a period reproduction property, a thatched roof will make the property as close to being historically accurate as possible.

Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are not separate from their roofs and require roofing experts to tend to them for repairs and maintenance. This is especially true with thatched roofs and the need for a master thatcher to carry out chimney work. Chimneys on a thatch roof have specific safety legislation to ensure that they remain safe and long-lasting. However, due to age, weather and deterioration chimneys, their stacks and every component within can fall into disrepair. Steven Hewlett Thatchers Ltd, Master Thatchers in Wiltshire have many years of experience dealing specifically with thatched roof chimney repairs and maintenance. Prevention is better than a cure; with regular inspections and testing, we can help your thatched roof chimney last a lifetime.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your thatched roof. Call us on 01980 611 880 or use our Contact page to drop us a message. 

Steven Hewlett Thatchers Limited offer quality thatched roof maintenance and repairs across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Dorset. Contact our experienced roof thatchers in Salisbury today.