Thatcher carrying a yelm of straw up A roof. Steven Hewlett Master Thatcher. Wiltshire.


What is a Master Thatcher?

At Steven Hewlett, we have decades of experience, knowledge, and skill to call ourselves Master Thatchers. However, the term ‘Master Thatcher’ is not a protected title. There are currently no formal thatching qualifications or governing body for all Thatchers. However, there are organisations up and down the UK that are usually divided by county and regions, that are self-regulatory.

We are proud to be a member of three organisations; the National Society of Master ThatchersWiltshire Master Thatchers Association, and the National Council of Master Thatchers Associations. It is our deep-rooted history, knowledge and values that have been passed down through generation that allows us to call ourselves Master Thatchers. As there is no recognised qualification in roof thatching, the way to get into the profession is through apprenticeships and building your skillset; learning from previous Master Thatchers with excellent reputations. One thing is true of all Master Thatchers; respect and patience for the natural organic material and centuries-old techniques and tool designs that create thatched roofs to last.


How Long does it Take to Become a Master Thatcher? 

As previously stated, it takes many years to become a Master Thatcher with enough skill and knowledge to produce fine quality craftsmanship. It can be difficult to get into the art of thatching as it requires an established and reputable Master thatcher to have a position of trainee or apprentice available. However, persistence and determination should pay off.

There are many elements of thatching that needs to be learnt and demonstrated to a high quality before a person can call themselves a Master Thatcher. A person must know the three main materials used for thatch, the differences in applications and the benefits and disadvantages of each one. There are many types of thatched buildings that each have their own set of challenges.

Upon completion of your apprenticeship and training, you can decide if you want to be formally assessed for certification with the National Occupational Standards (NOS). Many freshly certified thatchers go on to work for their Master thatcher’s business or even decide to start their own business. However, further education in running a successful and thriving thatching business is required.


How many thatchers are there in the UK?

As there is no governing body for trained and certified members to be registered to, such as the Gas Safe register for gas engineers, there is no way of knowing for sure exactly how many Master Thatchers there are. The current approximate number of Master Thatchers in the UK site at around 800.

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