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Thatched Roofs in Winchester

Winchester has some beautifully thatched roofs across the city and surrounding areas. From pretty Winnall to Pitt, the city of Winchester keeps the tradition of thatched roofs alive.

Today, the craft of an experienced, qualified Master Thatcher has become a rarer thing. Among the best known Master Thatchers in Winchester are Steven Hewlett and his brothers, who represent the third generation of their family to work as thatchers in the county.

Steven’s grandfather started the trade back in 1925, and the family have continued it to this day. They proudly practice the art of thatching and maintain high quality thatch across Somerset, Wiltshire, and Hampshire.

Thatching repair service

For years, thatched roofs have offered excellent insulation, waterproofing, sustainable, and for aesthetic purposes. Over time, building regulations and new methods mean that thatched roofs have become safer and more robust.

However, like any roof there are many reasons your thatch roof may need repairs and upkeep such as weather conditions, wildlife degradation, and wear over time. We recommend an annual inspection for any warning signs of wear, tear, divots, or damage, with elements such as the ridge needing to be replaced every 10-15 years.

At Steven Hewlett Master Thatchers we offer advice and guidance for your thatched roof and its condition, helping you make a well-rounded decision for your thatched roof. Our team only uses the best materials for all of our repair work, including long straw, combed wheat straw, water reed and Norfolk reed.

New build thatchers

Newly built houses can also gain from a beautiful, thatched roof. The many benefits of thatched roofs have meant they have stood the test of time.

Thatched roofs are also a very sustainable roofing option. The materials are prepared using minimal production. Thatch also is naturally insulating and waterproof, reducing a home’s environmentally impact.

At Steven Hewlett Thatchers Ltd, we have many years of experience in replacing whole thatched roofs on property projects such as renovations and refurbishments. If you’re renovating, restoring, or planning a period reproduction property, a thatched roof will make the property as close to being historically accurate as possible.

We are proud to service across Winchester and surrounding areas including Salisbury SP1, Trowbridge BA14, Chippenham SN14, Melksham SN12, Devizes SN10, Warminster BA12, Calne SN11, and Westbury BA13.

Steven Hewlett Thatchers Limited offer quality thatched roof maintenance and repairs across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Dorset. Contact our experienced roof thatchers in Salisbury today.