Winter Proof Your Thatched Roof

A thatched roof is a beautiful addition to any country home, especially across Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and Dorset. We here at Steven Hewlett Thatchers Limited know the significance of a well-maintained thatch, especially in the winter months. A well-kept thatched roof will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Prevention is the best and cheapest cure when it comes to thatched roofs. Read on to find out our recommendations for ensuring your roof is winter ready.

Inspect the Roof

Just like with any roof, a thatched roof needs to be tended to and checked regularly for maximum longevity and efficiency. A thatched roof, due to its organic nature, needs to be thoroughly checked routinely for any possible damage, wear and tear. It is possible to check for any severe superficial damage simply from safely using a free-standing ladder and inspecting the outside. However, it would actually do damage if you were to use a leaning ladder pressed against the thatch. Make sure you also check your roof space for any possible leaks. For a thorough and professional inspection, only seek the services of a master thatcher. A great tip for when you check your roof is to take photos for comparison. That way you’ll be able to accurately compare.

A master thatcher will have the expertise, skills and equipment to safely carry out a proper check of the entire roof for evidence of possible holes, colour change, vermin or bird infestation etc. These things may start off as something small, however, left untreated they can cause considerable and costly damage.

Check the wiring and structures

A very important part of a thatched roof’s structure is the wire netting. A thatched roof that looks untidy and shabby with wire fixtures exposed definitely indicate the thatch is coming to the end of its road. You may have noticed broken wires or gaps, which is a great place for vermin and birds to burrow and nest. Great wire netting also helps protect the roof from harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain. Through the autumn going into winter, it is most likely for leaves and debris to gather behind the wiring and between the thatch materials. A strong and healthy wire netting is essential for a strong and healthy thatched roof that will last for many winters to come.

Seek a professional

If you’ve spent your hard-earned time and money investing in a thatched roof, it is essential that you seek a master thatcher with a wealth of experience to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible in the best possible condition. A master thatcher has the expert knowledge to correctly and safely inspect, diagnose and repair your thatched roof ensuring complete peace of mind. It would also be wise, if you have a working open fire, to seek a professional chimney cleaner to clear your chimney of any blockages and hazards.

Steven Hewlett Thatchers Limited are based in Salisbury and are the third generation of master thatchers in the Hewlett family. It was Steven Hewlett’s grandfather who founded the business in 1925 and it’s been in the family ever since. If you’re looking for expert master thatchers, contact us today on 01980 611 880 or 07790 020 917. Alternatively, you can use our contact form and Steven will get back to you as soon as possible.

Steven Hewlett

Mr Steven Hewlett

My family are something of a rarity in modern Britain. Myself & my brothers represent the fourth generation of the Hewlett family to work as master thatchers, carrying on a business that was started by his grandfather back in 1925, at the tender age of 16.

I am a proud member of National Society of Master Thatchers and have been thatching roofs across Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset & The New Forest for over 40 years.